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  • What is the Company's development strategy? What's the company's Business plan in 2023? What are policies of cash dividend distribution of the Company in 2022?

  • FINANCIAL DATA(Jan-Sep 2023')

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  • Investor Relations · Sales Volume · Financial Data · Annual Report · FAQ · Global Footprint. INVESTOR RELATIONS. SALES VOLUME. Sales data for November 2023.

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  • IR Hotline: 86-21-22011138; Email: SALES VOLUME.

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  • INVESTOR RELATIONS · GLOBAL FOOTPRINT · PRODUCTS. INVESTOR RELATIONS. Sales Volume · Financial Data · Annual Report · FAQ. CONTACT US:. IR Hotline: 86-21- ...

5. investor relations - SAIC MOTOR

  • SAIC MOTOR · INVESTOR RELATIONS · Company Profile · Operating Performance · Fortune 500 · Business Structure · Domestic Production Layout · Global Operation. .

  • In 2021, the Company achieved 5.464 million vehicles sold in wholesale and 5.811 million vehicles sold in retail, an increase of 5.5% year-on-year, and the Company's vehicle sales remained the first in China for 16 consecutive years.

6. Frigoglass SAIC Investor Relations

  • In our communication with the capital markets, we aim to supply relevant, reliable, accurate and updated information about Frigoglass S.A.I.C.'s developments ...

  • In our communication with the capital markets, we aim to supply relevant, reliable, accurate and updated information about the Group’s development and financial position.

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  • Investors · Newsroom · Suppliers and Small Business · Careers · Home. Main navigation ... SAIC Digital Transformation Solutions. Your digital transformation ...

  • Cost transparency and automation are key factors in allowing organizations to continually adjust cloud resources and operations according to evolving business and mission needs.


  • INVESTOR RELATIONS · GLOBAL FOOTPRINT · PRODUCTS. INVESTOR RELATIONS. Sales Volume · Financial Data · Annual Report · FAQ. CONTACT US:. IR Hotline: 86-21- ...

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  • Frigoglass SAIC Investor Relations News · Share Price · Financial Results · Presentations · Annual Reports · Investor Relations News · Shareholder Information ...

  • Access Frigoglass Investors Relations News

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  • INVESTOR RELATIONS · GLOBAL FOOTPRINT · PRODUCTS. INVESTOR RELATIONS. Sales Volume · Financial Data · Annual Report · FAQ. CONTACT US:. IR Hotline: 86-21- ...

11. SAIC to Host Investor Day in New York City on April 11, 2023

SAIC to Host Investor Day in New York City on April 11, 2023


  • INVESTOR RELATIONS. Sales Volume · Financial Data · Annual Report · FAQ. CONTACT US:. IR Hotline: 86-21 ...

  • A: In 2023, the Company will follow the general principle of "pursuing progress in stability, the key is in progress", go all out to prevent risks and to stabilize growth, overcome the interference of unfavorable factors, take efforts on both ends of supply and demand, deeply tap the potential of cost down and efficiency up, seize the structural market opportunities, enhance the resilience of operation, improve the quality and efficiency of development. The Company will also unswervingly strengthen innovation and promote transformation, further cultivate and strengthen new momentum for development, focus on user needs, consolidate the technical base, promote fast and effective launching of major projects and key products, and continuously deepen the system and mechanism reform to better stimulate the team vitality. The Company will strive to achieve annual sales of 6 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of more than 10%, a total operating income of more than RMB 800 billion, and an operating cost of RMB 710 billion.

13. [PDF] Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

  • information can be found at • State ... Canestra, Director of Investor Relations. (703) 676-2720 shane.p.canestra ...

14. Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE:SAIC) Q2 2024 ...

  • 8 sep 2023 · ... SAIC's second quarter fiscal year 2024 earnings call. My name is Joe DeNardi, Vice President of Investor Relations and Strategic Ventures ...

  • Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE:SAIC) Q2 2024 Earnings Call Transcript September 7, 2023 Science Applications International Corporation beats earnings expectations. Reported EPS is $2.05, expectations were $1.6. Operator: Hello and thank you for standing by. My name is Regina and I will be your conference operator today. At this time I’d like to welcome everyone […]

Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE:SAIC) Q2 2024 ...

15. [PDF] Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

  • 16 apr 2021 · institutional investors and other interested investors in SAIC: Shane P. Canestra, VP of Investor Relations. (703) 676-2720 shane.p.canestra@ ...

16. Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Q4 2023 ...

  • 3 apr 2023 · ... SAIC's fourth quarter fiscal year 2023 earnings call. My name is Joe DeNardi, Vice President of Investor Relations and Strategic Ventures.

  • Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE:NYSE:SAIC) Q4 2023 Earnings Conference Call April 3, 2023 10:00 AM ETCompany ParticipantsJoe DeNardi -...

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Q4 2023 ...

17. SAIC Schedules Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2024 Earnings Conference ...

  • The conference call will be webcast simultaneously to the public through a link on the Investor Relations section of the SAIC website. The company will only ...

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18. Leidos and SAIC Institutional Investor Day

  • 11 sep 2013 · ... SAIC Investor Day Presentation Download (opens in new window) PDF 4.75 MB. Investor Contact. Institutional Investors Stuart Davis Investor ...

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19. Luminar Technologies, Inc. (LAZR)

  • ... SAIC's Rising Auto R7. 2. Software: Luminar ... Luminar Technologies, Inc. 2603 Discovery Drive Suite 100. Orlando, FL 32826. United States. Investor Relations.

  • Building the Future of Transportation Luminar’s vision is to make autonomous transportation safe and ubiquitous. As a global leader in lidar autonomous driving technology, we are enabling the world’s first autonomous solutions for automotive…

Luminar Technologies, Inc. (LAZR)

Investing in today's dynamic market requires more than just financial acumen; it demands a comprehensive understanding of a company's core values, strategies, and financial health. For those eyeing Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), the gateway to this crucial information lies in the realm of SAIC Investor Relations. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of SAIC's investor relations landscape, deciphering the nuances that can empower investors to make informed decisions.

1. Deciphering the Essence of SAIC Investor Relations (H1)

As we embark on this journey, let's first unravel the essence of SAIC's investor relations. At its core, investor relations encompass the strategies an organization employs to foster communication between itself and its investors. For SAIC, a stalwart in the technology and engineering solutions domain, this becomes a pivotal aspect of maintaining transparency and trust with its investor community.

2. The Anatomy of SAIC's Financial Landscape (H2)

Understanding a company's financial health is paramount for any investor. SAIC's investor relations portal provides a detailed breakdown of its financial performance, offering insights into revenue streams, profitability, and overall fiscal stability. Navigating through these financial reports can equip investors with a holistic view of SAIC's economic prowess.

3. Breaking Down the Annual Reports (H2)

SAIC's annual reports serve as treasure troves of information, encapsulating the company's achievements, challenges, and future aspirations. These reports provide a narrative that goes beyond numbers, offering investors a glimpse into SAIC's corporate journey and the milestones that define its trajectory.

4. Real-time Updates: The Power of News Releases (H2)

In the fast-paced world of investments, staying abreast of real-time updates is indispensable. SAIC's investor relations platform ensures investors are well-informed through timely news releases. These updates not only cover corporate announcements but also industry trends, positioning investors to make strategic decisions aligned with the pulse of the market.

5. Embracing Technology: SAIC's Webcasts and Presentations (H2)

SAIC takes investor engagement to the next level by hosting webcasts and presentations. These live events allow investors to virtually connect with SAIC's leadership, gaining firsthand insights into the company's vision, strategies, and future plans. It's an immersive experience that transcends traditional communication barriers.

6. Navigating the Shareholder Resources (H2)

For shareholders seeking deeper engagement, SAIC's investor relations portal houses a plethora of resources. From shareholder services to dividend information, this section is a goldmine for investors looking to understand their rights, benefits, and the mechanisms governing their investment.

7. The Human Touch: Interacting with SAIC's Investor Relations Team (H2)

Beyond the digital realm, SAIC emphasizes the human touch in investor relations. The Investor Relations team stands ready to address queries, provide clarifications, and foster a sense of community among investors. This personal touch distinguishes SAIC, fostering a culture of accessibility and responsiveness.

8. Perplexity in Numbers: Decoding Financial Jargon (H3)

Investor relations often involve grappling with financial jargon that can be perplexing for the uninitiated. SAIC's commitment to transparency extends to simplifying complex financial terms, ensuring that investors, regardless of their financial literacy, can make sense of the numbers shaping their investment landscape.

9. Burstiness in Strategy: SAIC's Adaptive Approach (H3)

In the volatile world of investments, adaptability is a virtue. SAIC's investor relations strategy mirrors this burstiness, acknowledging the need for agility in responding to market dynamics. Investors navigating the SAIC landscape can find comfort in the company's ability to pivot strategically in the face of challenges and opportunities.

10. Case Study: SAIC's Investor Relations Impact (H3)

To comprehend the real-world impact of SAIC's investor relations, let's explore a case study. Examining the performance of investors who actively engage with SAIC's investor relations initiatives provides insights into the correlation between informed decision-making and investment success.

11. Riding the Waves of Speculation: SAIC's Investor Relations and Market Perception (H3)

Investor relations play a pivotal role in shaping market perception. SAIC's consistent and transparent communication helps mitigate speculation, ensuring that investors have a clear understanding of the company's strategies, mitigating unnecessary market turbulence.

12. The Future Unveiled: SAIC's Investor Relations Roadmap (H4)

As we peer into the future, SAIC's commitment to enhancing investor relations becomes a guiding light. The company's roadmap includes technological innovations, enhanced communication channels, and a steadfast dedication to evolving investor needs, promising a dynamic and enriching investor experience.


In conclusion, SAIC Investor Relations serves as a beacon for investors navigating the complex waters of financial markets. From deciphering financial reports to engaging with real-time updates and embracing a human-centric approach, SAIC goes above and beyond to empower its investor community. The commitment to transparency, coupled with adaptability in strategy, positions SAIC as a trailblazer in investor relations within the technology and engineering solutions landscape.


Q1: How often does SAIC release financial reports? SAIC releases its financial reports on a quarterly basis, providing investors with regular updates on the company's financial performance.

Q2: Can individual investors participate in SAIC's webcasts and presentations? Absolutely! SAIC welcomes individual investors to participate in its webcasts and presentations, fostering a sense of inclusivity and accessibility.

Q3: How can investors contact SAIC's Investor Relations team? Investors can reach out to SAIC's Investor Relations team through the contact information provided on the official investor relations portal.

Q4: Does SAIC offer a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) for shareholders? Yes, SAIC provides a dividend reinvestment program, allowing shareholders to reinvest their dividends in additional shares of the company's stock.

Q5: What steps has SAIC taken to simplify financial information for investors with limited financial literacy? SAIC is committed to transparency and simplifies complex financial terms in its communications to ensure accessibility for investors with varying levels of financial literacy.

Saic Investor Relations (2024)


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